It’s that time of year again at the Univeristy – Gradex – the end of year Graduate Exhibition where all our students get to show off their awesome work to industry judges, competing for acolades and cash prizes.

As part of the event, we’re streaming the opening ceremony across the campus so we can have a formalised event opening without the logistics of hearding hundreds of people in one place. The setup is simple – a single camera and a bunch of radio mics mixed into a stream to send across campus to various different rooms. The question at this point is:

What do we show on the stream before the event starts?

We need some kind of holding video, thats aesthetically pleasing, moves so we know the stream still works, and matches the existing brand so no-one from marketing notices.

An opportinity to go completely overboard!

So before jumping down any further into the whats hows and whys of all this, the video below is what I ended up with:


Original Reference


design constraints (style, looping etc)

existing brand

image of brand

Jumping into houdini

creating points

making it adaptable – non-destructive workflow

connections adding geometry

Looping! Now with more caching! (cache comparisons)

cameras and lighting – DoF

materials and shaders

Iterations! Adjusting the look- density, position etc

rendering – them samples

tweaks in post


Rich Harper

Rich Harper

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