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What’s an Iron Man cosplay if it doesn’t light up and the helmet open!?

So my bother has a friend who’s building a full iron man suit for Birmingham’s MCM Comicon. He’s a body shop painter with a 3D printer, so from the aesthetic side, he’s sorted! What he needed was an engineer (my brother) and someone to get the electronics working (me!).

The helmet’s face movement used an overpowered server through one of those tube-rods used on RC planes to keep it out the way. Lots of power means it opens and closes fast. I can tell you as the test subject of the mask, it’s rather scary having your older brother having the power to open and close something firmly attatched to your face with a remote control!

In the end, we used an arduino nano with a set of momentary switches, so it was controlled through taps on different buttons. Nick need it to be simple to control, so switches were too fiddly. The whole thing was wired through the suit so the buttons were on the side of the gloves.

The visor was lined with superbright LEDs, so to protect Nick’s eyes from the extra UV kicked out by them, we put in some UV filter on the back of the lenses.

The end result is pretty sweet! Here’s a picture of Nick posing it at Comicon:

Rich Harper

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